Blondell Shaw Coach Profile

Blondell Shaw

Executive Sales and Marketing Coach, London, UK

Blondell Shaw is a 20-year experienced Consultant, Executive Coach, and Trainer specializing in practical and effective Business Development solutions that generate new business by aligning sales and digital marketing activities to identify, connect and engage and win new business.  

She also designs and develops workshops and coaching solutions, providing knowledge, skills, confidence, and motivation to her individual and company clients.

In 2010, Blondell set up Perfect-Fossicking; her focus is to support sales, marketing, and business development professionals by providing coaching and training solutions that add value from strategy to execution.  She regularly attends workshops and seminars, read and research the latest trends and share business development thought leadership best practices through email news alerts and newsletters. Blondell is an executive sales coach all about business development, sales training, coaching, marketing, social media and lead generation.

Blondell lives in London with her fun and loveable Jack Russell.