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High Performance Network, LLC is the premier leadership development network headquartered in Houston, Texas. The network is comprised of leaders - executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals and enterprise clients committed to raising their leadership brand, career, team and business performance to the next level.

The Leadership Academy provides modern award winning blended learning solutions in leadership, sales, customer service, along with over 600 micro-learning courses for professional and technical career development, anti-harassment compliance, industrial and behavioral safety, coding certification, and many more programs to meet enterprise and leader development needs. 


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See for yourself how our award-winning, self-paced blended learning format gives you the power to develop your career, accelerate to the next level in leadership, sales, customer service.

With our blended learning programs earn your certificate in High Performance Leadership, High Performance Sales, High Performance Customer Service with industry specialization in Technology, Energy, Healthcare or your custom specialization.

Available for select certificate programs.

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blended Learning with coaching

Training alone increases productivity by 22% while a combination of training and coaching increases productivity by 88%.

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