Our Story

our story

Founded in 2017 by James Tastard, the idea remains simple – build a leadership network for new, current and future leaders to help them accelerate their leadership to comprehensively become the very best high performing leaders in industry. We place a special focus on technology, energy and healthcare as these industries have the largest transition of leaders. The concept was formed following many discussions with senior leaders in operations and functional roles and their executives. These top global executives privately shared their deep concerns about the current global leadership gap inside and outside their organizations. Frustration to recruit and hire leaders for their businesses and organizations. This is complicated with the increasing global retirement of Baby-Boomers. Today there are more leaders retiring everyday than are successors trained, experienced, and ready to replace them.  

accelerate your leadership brand

High Performance Network℠ is a leadership development network, learning and strategic advisory firm. We are dedicated to leaders and organizations who aspire for high performance leadership. We are on a journey to accelerate leadership development for all new, current and future leaders and improve leadership development with leading practice blended learning training programs, bringing together current and future leaders who are ambitious, accomplished, eager to learn and share knowledge. We do this by integrating and creating leading practice research, providing social technology with cloud-secure private groups, leadership learning academy, online voice and video collaboration and communication tools, career-acceleration online resources and action-learning events, programs, services across technology, energy, and healthcare.