Coach Profile Jane Zilles

Jane Zilles

Executive Coach

Jane Zilles has extensive business experience encompassing sales, management and leadership.  She is passionate about supporting others to achieve their goals through coaching, mentoring and professional development.

Jane launched CHART Professional Development to the sales team at Belmark in 2009; followed by customer service and leadership training.  After 10 years, Belmark continues to utilize CHART Learning Solutions for their sales & service training & on-boarding. 

Currently Jane is the owner of Z Professional Development, and a CHART Gold Partner.  She lives in North Carolina, near her daughter Ashley, son-in-law Jamie and her granddaughters, Hailey Rain (9) and Brooklyn Ivy (6).  Additionally, Jane has been caring for her mother (93) in her home since Jan 2019.  

“I’m thrilled to be part of and working with the professional coaches at high Performance Network.”